Anne's Speaking Schedule and Topics

Anne Kertz Kernion
Would you like Anne to speak at your next seminar, retreat, conference, or meeting? Here's your chance!

Since the birth of Cards by Anne, Anne has been invited to be a guest speaker on a number of topics such as Neuroscience and Spirituality, Self-Compassion, Mindfulness and Meditation, The Grateful Life, Creativity, and Neuroscience and Happiness. Having taught for years, her presentations are thought-provoking and truly engage the entire audience. All have been happy with choosing Anne to participate in their event.

Some topic examples include:
  • Neuroscience and Well-Being: How Spirituality Affects Our Health and DNA
  • Neuroscience and Spirituality for Teens and Young Adults
  • Neuroscience and Spirituality: Technology, Our Brains, and Spiritual Practices
  • The Spirituality and Science of Self-Compassion: Caring for Ourselves in Unsettling Times
  • Spiritual Practices for Challenging Times
  • The Science and Soul of the Breath
  • Exploring Our Creativity, Nurturing Our Spirits: Insights from Neuroscience and Positive Psychology
  • The Courage to be Imperfect
  • The Breath: Pathway to Mindfulness
  • Cultivating Inner Peace: The History and Tradition of Western Mysticism
  • Practices to Cultivate Inner Peace
  • The Spirituality and Science of Happiness
  • Amazing Women of the Church
  • Gentle Yoga and Meditation
  • The Spirituality of Imperfection
  • Lessons from Silence: Gentleness, Compassion and Love
  • The Grateful Life
  • Neuroscience and Contemplative Practices
  • The Spirituality and Science of Compassion
  • Mindlessness to Mindfulness
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Anne's Speaking Schedule:
  • July 16-18, 2021, "The Science and Soul of the Breath," and "Exploring Our Creativity, Nurturing Our Spirits," Bethany Retreat Center, Frenchville, PA.
  • July 31, 2021, "Neuroscience and Well-Being: How Spirituality Affects Our Health and DNA," The Center at Mariandale, Ossining, NY,
  • September 18, 2021, "Spiritual Practices for Difficult Times," Las Vegas Diocesan Conference, The Orleans, Las Vegas, NV
  • September 30-October 3. 2021, Several Retreat Offerings, Siena Retreat Center, Racine, WI, Info at
  • October 15-17, 2021, "Neuroscience and Well-Being: How Spirituality Affects Our Health and DNA," Bethany Retreat Center, Frenchville, PA.
  • October 20, 2021, "The Spirituality and Science of Self-Compassion," Dominican Leader Formation Program, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
  • October 26, 2021, "The Spirituality and Science of Self-Compassion," RCRI Conference, Orlando, FL

Overview of Anne's Speaking Topics


"It was a delight to have Anne as guest presenter for our 2021 Spirituality Series. College of Saint Mary participants (faculty, staff, students, alums and Sisters of Mercy) appreciated Anne's spark, energy and inclusivity of faith traditions as she led us through sessions on the Science and Soul of the Breath, Meditation, Building Community through Kindness and Empathy and Self-Compassion. Anne's sessions were filled with a wonderful balance of prayer, invaluable input, meaningful poems, videos and music yet allowed time for the group to practice what Anne had taught. The participants felt encouraged to continue caring for the mind, body and spirit thanks to Anne's engaging presence, wisdom and expertise."

Sister Beth Driscoll PBVM, Liturgist, College of Saint Mary, Omaha, NE

"I liked the way Anne modeled Self-Compassion with the stretches, breaks, breathing exercises, coloring, etc. I was already familiar with the topic, but Anne (who she is) and her presentation brought the practice of Self-Compassion into my everyday life much more."

Evaluation from Mercy Care Adirondacks Retreat, Spring, 2021

"Anne's presentation was excellent. Love the connection of neuroscience to contemplative practices and health. Very practical." "The subject matter was very engaging." "The content and presentation were perfect: relevant, relatable and realistic. Good mix of videos.""I loved the suggestions Anne gave for mindfulness and meditation." "Wonderful integration of practical and spiritual."

Evaluations from Mercy Center Retreat

"We can't thank Anne enough for her fabulous presentation on mindfulness! Not only was her presentation interesting, but it was entertaining and captivating as well. She had such a nice mix of videos, information, stories, exercises, etc., which really held the audience's interest. We have heard so many excellent reviews from students and staff who attended, and hope to have her back again in the near future."

~Allison Barash
Professor of Psychology, Community College of Allegheny County
Pittsburgh, PA

"Anne talked about telomeres and our health: it was fascinating! It was great to learn more about how we can maintain and improve our health by focusing on simple things and being open to change. She offered lively, well-balanced presentations for body, mind and spirit that was good for our variety of personalities and ages."

~Sr. Margaret McDonnell, DC
Daughters of Charity Community Assembly
Los Altos Hills, CA

"I've attended other sessions on self-care. This blew them all away. Anne used a multifaceted approach to the topic with appropriate use of self care practices." "Anne's energy and enthusiasm, in addition to her background knowledge in neuroplasticity, and her comfortable presentation style made this session very enjoyable." "This was a very helpful workshop. Anne did a great job showing us new and innovative paths to self-care. We all need more help understanding and learning self-compassion."

~Evaluations from presentation to Chaplains, Anaheim, CA