Chair Yoga

Chair Ypga

1. Clasp hands in front of chest, palms outward. Lift up. Then tilt slowly to each side. (2 breaths each- 1 minute total)

2. Cat and Cow (Round spine, tuck chin, release head down, then lift up, open chest, press shoulders back - 5 x each)

3. Raise arms straight up, bend forward over lap. 5x

4. Twist right (Hold back of chair with right hand, arm of chair with the left. Twist slowly to the right. Extend spine on each inhale, twist on the exhale.) Raise arms above head, then switch and twist left, using opposite hands on back of chair and arm of chair.

5. Head rolls: Drop chin, and roll head 3 - 5 times in each direction, clockwise and counterclockwise.

6. Shoulder rolls: Roll shoulders forward several times, then backward, making circles with your elbows.

7. Eagle arms (add legs, if desired) Arms extended, one elbow inside the other, twist so back of hands or palms meet. Hold at shoulder height. Cross same leg as bottom arm over opposite leg, tuck foot around calf if possible. (Repeat on other side.)

8. Temple and head message: Press heel of hand into temple on each side, on forehead, then link fingers in back of head at base of skull and press.

9. WEEE!!! Pose: Bring legs out and arms up. Option: Say "WEEEE!!!" and pretend you're on a rollercoaster:-)

10. Chest Expansion: Link fingers behind back, opposite "usual" way. Keep spine long and lift arms without punching out chest or lower ribs. Open chest and shoulders. Keep shoulders down.

11. Shoulder Shrug: Just what it sounds like: Bring shoulders to ears, then drop them down. 4-6 times.

12. Lateral Flexion: Keep one arm at your side, lift the other up and over to the opposite side along your ear, feeling stretch along your side waist. Switch to other side. 13. Lift Knee to Chest, each side.

14. Seated Pigeon: place right ankle over left knee. Flex right foot. Can also add a forward bend over your legs. Repeat on other side. Be sure to flex left foot, too!

Standing Poses

1. Flowing Mountain: Palms out, lift arms to sky. Palms out, lower arms to side. (5 times)

2. Chest Expansion (Same as Chair version above, but standing)

3. Lateral Flexion (Same as above, standing version) Be sure to keep both feet firmly on the ground as you tilt over.

4. Balance behind chair. Use back of chair to steady yourself, if needed.
5. Table Pose: Hands on knees, fold forward to a flat back.

6. Knee Bends: Stand behind chair. Do knee bends with or without chair support.

7. Hamstring Lift: Stand behind chair. Gently raise right leg, keeping it straight. Lower, then gently raise left leg. (3-4 times)